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Interesting report. Highlights on Kenya

Country: Kenya

Is there net neutrality regulation?: no #GoFigure. 

Has any national regulator issued any regulation regarding zero rating?: no

Name of the operators implementing zero rating offerings:	1) Airtel 2)Safaricom https://info.internet.org/en/story/where-weve-launched/

Are the operators zero-rating specific services (e.g. only whatsapp) 
or classes of services (e.g. all instant messaging apps)?: 1) specific social media apps 2) specific apps

In case only specific services are zero rated, what are the zero rated services?: 1a) WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter 1b) Facebook and other apps included in internet.org (Freebasics) suite (http://africa.airtel.com/wps/wcm/connect/africarevamp/kenya/home/personal/internet/internet-services/internet.org) 2) Wikipedia Zero available to Safaricom subscribers https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Mobile_partnerships

Is the zero-rated service throttled or blocked after the data volume is exceeded?: 1a) The Karibu pack' only advertises "free" access to these three apps. Unclear if there is a volume limit. The "UnlimiNET pack' states free use of the three apps up to 100MB per day to be reset at midnight. 1b) No 2) No

Is the user signing up for free (e.g. zero rated services are bundled with specific offerings) or is the zero rating offering c: 1a) User pays for a general pack, with a data cap, but access to zero rated apps does not count towards data cap and is advertised as "free"   1b) and 2) Requires active SIM

Is the Content or Application Provider paying to be zero-rated?: 1a) Unknow. 1b and 2) 'According to FB and Wikipedia - No

Is the zero rating offering time-limited?: 1a) Daily, weekly, monthly plans 1b and 2) 'Unclear from operator website

Internet penetration level: 68.4% 'https://www.internetworldstats.com/list2.htm'


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> Dear all, (apologies for cross-posting)
> As you might know, ARCEP (the French Telecoms Regulator) has just released its "State of the Internet" report.
> I am particularly pleased to let you know that the "Net Neutrality" part of the report features a section dedicated to the Zero Rating Map, whose beta version was launched at the IGF 2017 and that now includes information on Zero Rating and  Net Neutrality regulations in 90 countries. See http://zerorating.info/
> It is, to my knowledge, the first time a national regulator includes a section on an IGF outcome in an official report. Besides being concrete evidence that the IGF is not a mere talking shop, this episode demonstrates not only that the IGF can produce concrete outcomes but also that those outcomes can be of concrete use for researchers, regulators and other stakeholders alike. Furthermore, I think it is a very positive sign that the Telecoms regulator of the IGF host country shows such interest for IGF outcomes. 
> The French version of the report is here https://www.arcep.fr/uploads/tx_gspublication/rapport-etat-internet-2018_conf050618.pdf
> The English version is here https://www.arcep.fr/uploads/tx_gspublication/report-state-internet-2018_conf050618-ENG.pdf
> The section dedicated to Zero Rating and the Minitelisation of the Internet (that I had the honour to author) is at page 69.
> Further readings on the subject (all in open access) are indicated in the footnotes.
> FYI, all IGF outcomes elaborated by the DCNN over the past years are also freely available here https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/dynamic-coalition-on-network-neutrality-dcnn?qt-dynamic_coalition_on_network_neu=4#qt-dynamic_coalition_on_network_neu
> All the best
> Luca
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