[kictanet] Kenyan Tech Engineer, Zak Muriuki, Died in Ethiopian Jail

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Many moons later, Zack Muriuki's colleagues have been released.

Three Kenyans who had been jailed in Ethiopia for alleged telecommunication
fraud were finally released and handed over to the Kenyan authorities after
spending three years in Kalit Maximum Prison.


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> Apologies for the blank post.
> Having worked in neighboring countries on assignment i find it is never
> easy working out of the country. In most local companies rules are thrown
> out of the window in favor of higher profits. Some of them even eat into
> per diems of staff members and house them in a he cheapest accommodations
> possible.
> Zak was just trying to make an honest living. It is the duty of the senior
> manager and board of the company that sent him to Ethiopia without
> appropriate permission and legal representation to be accountable. Now that
> Zak is gone the company needs to be sued under humanitarian grounds to
> generously compensate the family of Zack.
> The company should also be forced to lodge a case with the Ethiopian
> Government to pay any liable penalties through violation of laws of the
> country and release the workers still in jail. They must send lawyers
> immediately and be named and shamed if not.
> What are the so called humanitarian NGOs doing? They should put pressure
> on this draconian company and ensure they act for this is unacceptable.
> Ready to sign any petitions necessary for this is unacceptable.
> Thank you,
> Best regards,
> Athar Ahmad Bhatti
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