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Jimmy, et al,

Note how specific Singaporean KPI's are (ensuring local firms are informed
and developed to deliver well defined niche services)...


More than two-thirds of the projects will be available to small & medium
enterprises, i.e. they will come in at less than SG$5 million.

The InnoLeap programme brings together public sector agencies with
challenging problem statements and research institutes (RIs), Institutes of
Higher Learning (IHLs), and commercial entities with innovative solutions.
The aim is for all parties to build a deeper understanding of hurdles,
solutions and cultivate opportunities for collaboration. Commercial
entities will also be provided with potential business-to-business
opportunities. Till date 23 workshops, sharing sessions and clinics have
been organised, involving 94 public agencies and 77 companies, IHLs and RIs.

These efforts also tie in with the strategy to rethink the way Government
engages with vendors. Rather than issuing tenders for individual projects,
the Singapore Government is looking to work with vendors, along with RIs
and IHLs, as co-creation partners. It is moving towards involving them in
the entire lifecycle of the project, from pilot to scale.

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> Thank you Adam.
> I thought it would be nice to have a look at the Budget Policy Statement
> for 2018. It should help frame the KPIs stated in the PBB.
> http://www.treasury.go.ke/component/jdownloads/send/195-budget-policy-statement/732-2018-budget-policy-statement.html
> Jimmy Gitonga
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>> Hi all
>> It seems the Ministry of ICT's KPIs related to the budget are here:
>> http://treasury.go.ke/component/jdownloads/send/198-2018-2019/784-program-based-budget.html
>> Go to page 431/910 and have a look... It includes 100 constituency
>> innovation hubs, creation of 2,000 BPO jobs, and a further 400,000 devices
>> for DLP amongst other things....
>> Adam
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