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2018 Global Internet Report
How consolidation may impact the Future of the Internet

Dear Members,

Last year, the Internet Society published a comprehensive study to better
understand the forces of change that will shape the Internet over the next
five to seven years: *The 2017 Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital
By focusing attention on the significant potential of the Internet for
innovation and sustainable development, but without denying or shirking the
challenges it also introduces, the 2017 report has become a powerful tool
in the global awareness and advocacy work of the Internet Society and its

We now want to work with you as our most important stakeholders on a new
report that takes a closer look at one of those forces and how it may
impact the future, namely* Consolidation in the Internet Economy
Understood as growing forces of concentration, vertical and horizontal
integration, and fewer opportunities for market entry and competition, this
topic includes the impact of consolidating forces on all stakeholders as
well as on the Internet’s underlying and evolving technology.

We have selected this theme because findings from last year’s report, and
developments since its release, indicated increasing concerns about a
growing concentration of power in the Internet Economy. They point to
market and technical forces that may be driving consolidation at different
‘layers’ of the Internet, from traffic to communications providers to
applications, as well as processes of vertical integration that allows for
some companies to own the user experience at every stage and in an
increasingly wide range of human activity. As users experience the Internet
through a smaller number of providers, for example, there is the potential
to restrict our access, choice and future ability to innovate. On the other
hand, consolidation is not a new phenomena, but can be expected as markets
and industries mature. To some, it is an evolution foremost characterized
by lower prices and better services available to more people.

*Today we are launching a survey in **English*
your input on this perceived trend of consolidation.* Tell us your
perspective; how it might be affecting you and your community, and what you
foresee for the future of the Internet in the next five years.

Take the survey!

Best regards,

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse
Senior Director, Global Internet Policy and International Organizations
Internet Society


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