[kictanet] How China is working to overtake the internet and butt heads with the U.S. - Axios

ken Otieno Ogera ogeraken at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 15:22:24 EAT 2018

Thanks Wangari for sharing this. But there is something else to note in
this. The Geopolitical angle. The US allies numbers is not captured in this
article & the internet architecture.
And China’s interests is more on access of data for its internal & external
politics plus Intellectual theft( diplomatically called Industrial
espionage). I see this in heavily encrypted applications already hence the
Chinese desire for the world to use WeChat which it has control of vs
WhatsApp,Telegram & Signal which is a headache for them.
Geopolitical issues & Industrialization is the key driver for Chinese
desire to control the Internet. Will America  and its Western allies
including Japan, South Korea & Australia allow this?  Time will tell.

Ken Ogera

On Fri, 17 Aug 2018 at 21:48, WANGARI KABIRU via kictanet <
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> https://www.axios.com/chinas-butting-heads-with-us-digital-diplomacy-1534447641-ce5fd07c-2ea6-43eb-b1cd-a3299b1b708b.html
> "What to watch:
>    - China is graduating more science and engineering students than any
>    other country and contributing 20% of the global investment in research and
>    development. Experts say China could well become the dominant force in
>    artificial intelligence within a decade.
>    - China's efforts at information control are shaping the way even
>    massive U.S. companies conduct business. Just today
>    <https://www.axios.com/google-employees-censored-search-engine-china-dragonfly-712aa1ca-524f-42eb-bb38-f98590933f6d.html>,
>    about 1,000 Google employees signed a letter asking for more transplant
>    about the project to bring a censored version of Google to China.
>    - China is exporting data analysis, cloud storage, and surveillance to
>    countries in Africa and the Middle East that are likely to support
>    Beijing's vision of the internet's future...."
> Said it before,  Chinese kids, well prepared are on the way...Not just
> about the now but futuristic trail. Dominant force simply means the rest of
> the world is at your beck and call.
> How is that so? Since it is very clear to the Nation that Human Capital
> R&D = $$€€$ na pia jengea UChina jenga nchi roho safi.
> We probably heard such years ago in Kenya's local manufacturing - buy
> Kenya, build Kenya.
> Be blessed.
> Regards/Wangari
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