[kictanet] Why local funding is critical for ICT projects

S.M. Muraya murigi.muraya at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 09:54:31 EAT 2018

Last week Walu penned some very pertinent thoughts (will create a second
thread for that article). The current one is somehow related


Quote:  "What is this that foreign investors see in our ICT potential that
local investors don’t? Additionally, what are the ‘strings’ attached, which
more often than not go hand in hand with foreign money... our typical local
investor is only interested in the traditional assets.."

Reality: We (veterans in ignoring/undermining each other) did not model
decency for upcoming talent and now they worship foreigners who due to
cultural differences (misunderstanding) cannot move our nation forward.


Case in point, why do excellent multi nationals (e.g. Microsoft, Amazon)
favor South Africa for data centers? In South Africa there is an efficient,
creative (primarily white) minority population which does not undermine
(deceive) itself as much as we do.

To conclude, last year, a well spoken, well presented employer/investor
(former high school mate of mine 25+ years ago) was shocked by Kenyans in
their early twenties. He conducted a research for one of his clients and 24
out of 26 lied in their submissions.

That is all.
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