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Adam Lane adam.lane at huawei.com
Mon Aug 6 19:47:09 EAT 2018

Hi all
Last year Huawei sponsored a short 1-month basic IT training course for disadvantaged form 4 leavers, known as Digital Skills for Life, which was 50% soft/life skills along with the IT course (and also mentors, study trips etc). It is more than "how to use a computer/internet" and must give some skills that could lead to employment (from secretarial/office jobs to self-employment, hardware repair/sales etc). More info: https://techmoran.com/30-students-graduate-huaweis-digital-skills-life-program/, https://thefounder.co.ke/huawei-ict-authoritys-digital-skills/.

This year, before we start the next phase of the project, we're trying to better understand the general issue and market, i.e. barriers holding back such students from attending such courses, what kind of courses are out there, whether they meet identified job needs, and whether such graduates can get jobs/be entrepreneurs or not etc.

As part of this research we are talking to various training institutes/centers (initially around Nairobi), including government-backed ones. We're not right now selecting any partners, just trying to better understand the issues, challenges and possible interventions.

Can anyone recommend any others (beyond the below list) that we should talk to?.. criteria is fairly simple: should offer short courses (1-3 months) and should be open to those without any ICT skills at all, and without any/very limited academic qualifications.


1.      Kenya Institute of project management and Technology
2.      Institute of Advanced Technology
3.      Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
4.      IIHT
5.      Computers for Schools Kenya
6.      Kenya Institute of management
7.      Zetech University (certificate courses last 2 semesters )
8.      Intel college (ICDL)
9.      Nairobi Aviation college
10.   Kenya Technical Trainers College
11.   Tunapanda
12.   Slumcode
13.   Karen School for the Blind
14.   Kabete Technical Training Institute
15.   Craft Silicon Foundation
16.   Inable
17.   Africa Center Women in Technology
18.   Internet Society
19.   Akirachix

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