[kictanet] Digital Piracy - Nigeria Copyright Proposed Bill in Parliament

Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 11:11:45 EAT 2015

Piracy takes many forms and it's almost impossible to wipe out, but that
doesn't mean the IP owners shouls just sit and do nothing.

Dennis, I am one of those who took up the issue with you, but I do remember
you did out out your case quite clearly. I also know you know all about
what other listers are talking about.

All I can say -- go ahead and do what you can.

For instance, I have seen, from last week that kickass.to, a popular
torrent site appears to be blocked by some ISPs. Such a step is what will
help protect the IP.

On 28 April 2015 at 09:48, Mark Kipyegon via kictanet <
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> Off the top of my head, better consumer education on legitimate sources of
> digital content would be a good place to start.
> We have the advantage of learning from other countries where punitive
> legislation such as the DMCA has been a failure at stopping digital piracy.
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> On 28 Apr 2015, at 09:21, "Bernard Kioko via kictanet" <
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> Mark, could you give examples of solutions you would propose.
> On Apr 28, 2015 6:25 AM, "Mark Kipyegon via kictanet" <
> kictanet at lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
>> Sir, while your cause is a noble one it is my opinion that the approach
>> taken to counter digital piracy is wrong.
>> Empirical evidence would suggest that measures such as ISP imposed
>> blocks, domain takedowns and the threat of massive fines have failed in
>> mature markets.
>> As a country we can do better than this and find a solution that works
>> for the copyright holders without restricting the consumers' freedom to
>> access the Internet.
>> On 28 Apr 2015, at 00:09, "Bernard Kioko via kictanet" <
>> kictanet at lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
>> A number of you took issue with my going to court to petition for ISPs to
>> block piracy websites - by saying it would amount to restricting internet
>> freedom. Well Nigeria seems be ahead on the same.
>> http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/2015/04/ncc-proposes-bill-on-digital-piracy-to-impose-two-percent-levy-on-dvds-others/
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