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Does this need updating or is this still correct:

The basis for ICT legislation in Kenya is the amended Kenya Communications
Act 1998 (KCA 1998), which was updated by the Kenya Communications
 ) Act 2009 which provides a section on electronic transactions
(e-transactions). A national ICT policy dates of March 2006. Undersea
cables – Seacom and The East African Marine System (TEAMS) landed in 2009
and the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) is landed in 2010[MV2]
 . The landing of the cables brought a lot of consumer expectations in
terms of quality (whch has been realized) and costs (which has remained
elusive). The Kenyan Government has also invested in building a national
fibre backbone, referred to as the National Optic Fibre Backbone
Infrastructure (NOFBI), which is under progress.[MV3]
  The new Constitution includes in the Bill of Rights provisions on
fundamental rights and freedoms relevant to infrastructure and content
content transmitted and the governance thereof.

KCA establishes a also established a Universal Service Fund under the
Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), but this is yet to be
implemented. There is also the Freedom of Information Bill, which is still
pending. This Bill proposes a Commission be established to enforce data
privacy and security together with other stakeholders.

Have these been established?

this correct?

this finalised?
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