[kictanet] Pre-Webinar- Login Details (AFIGF)

Judy Okite judyokite at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 23:01:02 EAT 2014

 Greetings  Everyone,

Kindly share this with your networks, for those who would like to join in
our discussions.

Pre-Webinar Africa Inter Governance Forum - English session

Pre-Webinar Africa Inter Governance Forum - French session

·         Computer (No tablets or mobile phones)

·         Fixed internet connection preferably, (Or wireless up to 128kbps)

·         Head set preferably, (Or a microphone)

·         Windows, (Windows 8 and 8.1 are supported in Classic Desktop mode
only). Apple OS,

·         If using video: webcam connected to the computer (USB connected
web cam, or build in laptop camera) (*We will strictly use audio,only *)

·         Web Browsers:

*For Windows.* Firefox, Chrome, IE: JavaScript and cookies enabled

*For the Apple OS. *The user is asked to install a small plug-in that, once
installed, handles the rest of the meeting application installation and
then starts the meeting.

Although WebEx Event Manager will automatically be set up when you join an
event, you can save time by setting it on Windows or Mac, before the event.

To set up now, click on the link bellow.


Kind Regards,
*'Chance Favors the prepared mind'* - Louis Pasteur
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