[kictanet] Security Situation in Kenya

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We really have a GOOD opportunity to develop capacity locally if there is a determined effort.

Back in the 1980s (??) Moi challenged universities to produce the Nyayo Car. This was done, despite the poor quality of the product. But it demonstrated that our people can do it given the challenge, the chance and resources. Had we proceeded on that path, we could be producing a Kenyan car, however rudimentary. Indeed, we could even be producing substantial ranges of spares even for foreign models (just imagine the engineering knowledge, project management, quality assurance, etc capabilities we would have acquired by now.)

What's more, results from such investments don't end up confined where they were initially targeted. A lot of US aerospace and military research realizes many applications/products for civilian use (example = microwave tech!). 

Talking of Booze Allen, I thought they also did our Cybersecurity Master Plan? Or not so?

Ali: what's our "national interest" and how many, even in government, understand it, act in concert with it and remain patriotic enough to live to the promise! This is in an environment where a large segment of Kenyans can even sell their mothers for "30 pieces of silver". You can "hear" utter: damn the national interest, if one existed and understood thus.

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Sitting ducks is what we are.

The only solution to this is a homegrown industry able to ensure that National Interests are safeguarded. This starts from killing the culture in security tenders (and other sectors) where the catchphrase is:-

'You must have revenues of $100 million and above to qualify for this tender.' And other such clauses which are geared towards the size of the payoff to corrupt networks as opposed to the best solution.'

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