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In case you might not have heard, there has been a very serious security
breach that has occurred in Mpeketoni, Lamu that has so far claimed close
to 50 persons.

The details on this are here

To put this into context, Mpeketoni is the largest town, bar Lamu, between
the Somali Border and Malindi and the center of commercial activity in the

So, as much as a lot of us might not know it, the fact that Al-Shabbab
could drive trucks full of fighters into such a town and commit these
crimes and then leave should send all the security-bells that we have

This is exactly how Boko Haram started in Nigeria and we are seeing it
played out here right infront of us.

I think its time that we spoke as the local ICT Community and came up with
a stand on what in our opinion needs to be done in ICT Terms to secure this

As an example, it would actually be very irresponsible of us to let a few
gentlemen to come together and tell us the solution to our current security
problems, from an ICT perspective, is a police network deal that largely
puts CCTV Cameras in Nairobi & Mombasa, when maybe nothing is being spent
to secure our porous borders as well as actual on-the-ground intelligence

We could send this as a proposal to the powers that be as well as the
parliamentary ICT Committee and hope, nay, push, until something gets done.
The way I see this working is, we draft a document, brief and simple with
what our recommendations are, then Listers can comment on it. If largely
agreeable, we send it to the powers that be.

Let me now what your thoughts are, and we could see what we can do about


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