[kictanet] Vodafone admits that some governments have a direct link to their network for snooping (Ngigi Waithaka)

Matunda Nyanchama mnyanchama at aganoconsulting.com
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This issue reminds me of a term popularized by President George Bush (Snr) - boondoggle - when attacking opponents fighting for "pork" for their constituents, ... thinking about the next election. 

The Jubilee administration started with a lot of goodwill from wananchi but it seems that almost every deal follows the same script: announce it! affirm its value! get on with it! damn the processes! damn the "noise"! And even when things come a cropper, move on with business as usual and let  no one take the fall/be accountable. No wonder that the moribund opposition has found fertile ground for agitation.

The need for intelligence gathering, analysis, etc in support of security is well understood! The issues are in the execution: what are the strategic objectives of this exercise and how does it serve the national interest? What are the options? What about the risks (yes, including handing your security to a foreign-controlled element, ...)? How much due diligence has been done in assessing the options? For instance: in a country with such vast/rough terrain, with open/porous borders manned by corrupt security officers, .... are security cameras the best investment we can make in dealing with security?  

Another question: are we optimizing intelligence collection, analysis and actions thereof? (From the outside look of things, the answer is NO!)

And everyone is now ventilating in open media, showing discord even in government (oh! AG was not in the picture ...) ===>> music to terrorists and enemies of this nation! 

Just hope that this is not another Anglo Leasing in the making.

 A boondoggle! 

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   1. Re: Vodafone admits that some governments have a direct link
      to their network for snooping (Ngigi Waithaka)


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Ksh 15B is actually enough to start an industry. Say Ksh 1B out of it was
allocated to build the best Apps for collecting & analyzing intelligence,
that would be the start in making .KE another Israel...

The problem with all these deals is I guess when we put the same people to
lead expecting different results...

On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 6:25 PM, S.M. Muraya via kictanet <
kictanet at lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:

> The CIA is primarily into "offshore" snooping/espionage and unlikely to
> make public announcements .
> It is the FBI who are more likely to openly query civilians or announce
> their activities (onshore) in the USA
> http://mashable.com/2013/09/11/fbi-microsoft-bitlocker-backdoor/
> Safaricom is better than Anglo Leasing traitors building up "hospitality"
> abroad without building up Kenyan initiative + intelligence.
> Safaricom  will not deliver the local initiative we need (as bureaucrats
> look down on SMEs) but is better than nothing to begin with..
> It was not a Phd but a smart college dropout on a CIA project which caused
> Oracle (the Database Company) to come into being.
> http://www.evancarmichael.com/Famous-Entrepreneurs/649/The-Billionaire-Dropout-The-Early-Years-of-Larry-Ellison.html
> The rest, as they say is history  :)
> Regards
> Murigi / Stanley Muraya
> *"Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one
> who takes a city." Prov 16:32*
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