[kictanet] Why Do Businesses Invest In ITIL Training?

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Why Do Businesses Invest In ITIL Training?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, more commonly referred to as ITIL, dates back almost thirty years. Essentially, it is a set of procedures and standards that govern the way in which IT services are managed within a business set up. It came about as the British Government recognized a growing reliance on IT by businesses and saw that some set standards were required to ensure its most optimum usage.

At that time, businesses were becoming increasingly dependent upon information technology systems. It was a relatively new, but fast developing area at that time and as the British Government saw increasing numbers of companies become ever more reliant, it saw that this was the time for a set of standards relating to its application and usage. This is what became ITIL.

Let's fast forward to 2010, though and today countless companies across the world use ITIL as a means of ensuring the most effective use of Information Technology services within their company. From local businesses through to multinational corporations such as VISA Europe, the standards have been implemented by companies looking to ensure the optimum application of IT within their setup. This has led to an increased demand for ITIL training. But is investing in training for staff worth the money?

Quite simply, yes it is. ITIL, when its practices are applied in the right way, offers a host of benefits. But the learning, outside of any formal training courses, would compromise only of quite heavy reading material, as all the information is contained within ITIL books. As applies to anything we want to learn, organized and structured tuition can often be the most effective means of doing so.

It's worth the investment as the correct application of ITIL within a business of any size comes with a range of benefits. This includes better cost effectiveness where IT is concerned, overall improved information technology standards, a far more efficient use of time by IT staff, better customer service and complaint management and an overall improved way in which staff skills and experienced are used within the business.
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