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Evans Kahuthu ifani.kinos at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 14:14:07 EAT 2010

Dear Listers,
The Secure ICT 2010 Conference Committee is pleased to inform you that
renowned computer security expert, author, and public speaker Johnny Long
will be among this years' Keynote Speakers at our upcoming Information
Communication Technology & Network Security Conference (Secure ICT 2010) to
be held on Sept 8-9, 2010 at the Pan Afric Hotel.

Long is well known for his background in Google
a process by which vulnerable servers on the Internet can be identified
through specially constructed Google searches. He has gained fame as a
prolific author and editor of numerous computer security books.

Johnny is a professional hacker and security researcher by trade. Although
the art of breaking into buildings and bypassing computer security sounds
like the stuff of Hollywood movies, Johnny has made a career of just that.
By wielding real world attacks against hundreds of Government and Fortune
100 companies, Johnny has uncovered and exploited security weaknesses in the
world's most secure facilities and networks.

For more information on Johnny Long, please see the attached document or


For more information on the conference including registration, please visit

Evans Kahuthu
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