[kictanet] The urgent case for a Regional Internet Exchange Point (RIXP)

Harry Delano harry at comtelsys.co.ke
Wed Jun 2 22:39:11 EAT 2010

I have noticed, that while all laudable efforts in speeding up our broadband
connectivity to the
rest of the world hits top gear, saddeningly regional local
interconnectivity lags behind. Why 
is this so...?
For instance reaching a branch office located in Tanzania from their Kenya
HQ office,or  vice 
versa means traffic transits out from our cyberspace to some international
exchange point
somwhere in London, hits the return trip back via some other Link to Dar.
This especially
affects VOIP connectivity and quality, between interconnected offices, and
other services
that rely on good QOS.
This, especially while we are working on the economic, Social, and perhaps
intergration of the Comesa block seems to fly in the face of the major
milestones that have
been achieved in the Telecommunication sectors of the member countries, and
I strongly
suggest the industry addresses this urgently. We need  a Regional Internet
Exchange point 
set up. Perhaps name it COMESA-IXP or something. But one thing is clear; the
more we
each send traffic destined locally on a roundtrip to Europe or elsewhere and
back, means
we incur huge transiting costs in the process, which dollars that we export
out should be
be used to expand and develop our local & Regional interconnection
I think, this is an issue worth being addressed and I'd be interested to
discuss this more
with anyone interested to drive this forward. Anyone..?
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