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Fri Dec 17 09:04:18 EAT 2010

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 8:34 AM, Betty Mwangi <bmwangi1 at safaricom.co.ke>wrote:

>  Robert
> Thanks for your comments and the inconvenience is highly regretted. I
> assure you you are not peculiar in any way and as a matter of fact Safaricom
> will be availing an on line top up service for data early in the New Year
> that Will assist with situations similar to yours. We assure you of our
> committment to continue to ensure that we meet customers needs.
Hi Betty,

Such a solution will be very welcome, especially in the face of the many
"sonkos" brandishing iPads. At the moment the process of buying a bundle for
an iPad user is hell, thanks to the microsim. That you have to face a
process of powering down the iPad, removing the microsim, place on a holder,
get some  phone to be powered down to take the "sim", load credit, buy data
via sms, wait for confirmation, then follow the reverse of this process....
You just see the hassle that product will save many from!

PS: In the meantime, would you be kind enough to mobilize "the team" to
revive Bonga points query/redemption system? It's been down for a while.

Best regards,
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