[kictanet] Universal Access in Kenya (Is it really working?)

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Paul has given some good details.  The question now is not whether we understand the concept or not.  It is those who are in this list and those would read the advert to find innovative ways of each talking to rural folks from wherever they come from into understang first risk and two enterpreneurialism.  Our main goal is to ensure countrywide distribuition.

It is hopeless to expect Government to conduct the awareness exercise at this late hour.  Government indeed went around the country to train and explaing the concept.  As I said before some folks did not find it attractive.

On the Opetator DV, the regulator as a member of the taskforce wrote to them.  CCK has the figures and the abilty to audit what has been done.

Finaly we all have the responsibility to educate our people on such matters "ask not what the country has done to you but what you have done to your country".  I think this was what Kennedy roughly said.


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