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There doesnt appear to be any data for any country for 2010 so I guess its too early to feel slighted:-)

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Almost missed these so ignore if you already saw it... question, is it true there is no data on Kenya broadband?  Paul another one for you to correct:-) 
ps. The real map is better on the BBC website... 
Broadband world: Connecting Africa 
By Jonathan Fildes Technology reporter, BBC News 
In 1998, just a handful of countries had extensive internet usage. Today, nearly two billion people have web access. Move the slider below to see how the cable network has spread and internet use has expanded.

How the net connected the world
BBC Click's Dan Simmons returns to Kenya to see how it has changed since the arrival of the cables 


Analysis: Riding the digital express 
What is required to run different applications? 
Audio slideshow: Connecting Rwanda 
In pictures: Nairobi's digital divide 
"My aim is to put Kenya on the world map," says the quietly spoken software king of East Africa. 
"Companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Google don't have to just come from the US - they can also come from Kenya."
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