[kictanet] [Skunkworks] 3G prepaid service and tariff - fyi - but get the info confirmed for yourself

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Fri May 30 20:16:42 EAT 2008

Bwana Alex,

You could be correct about the pre-paid tariff issues but I can only comment
on technology aspect.

If you followed my thread conversations in skunkworks, one can clearly see
that that I have highly rated the 3G service based on technology. I managed
to do a few tests including one that may have benefit to others in remote
areas etc. Some other tests will include using the 3G for emergency, medical
and remote systems. These are just tests and not etched on stone. For the
tests, I use my personal time and budgets. The technology is here and I
intend to make the best of it.

And to be fair to 3G or any other technologies, a lot of end users will not
understand what it is about if we are to only look at the tariffs. End users
may not know that the wind of technology change is with us and an even
bigger change is coming in the next 12-16 months. One should take time
and check out the skunkworks mails and see the active discussions on
technology/applications/opensource etc.

We should be able to agree on one thing though : As a data service, 3G is
definately the way forward.

With Rgds.


On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 5:41 PM, Gakuru , Alex <alexgakuru.lists at gmail.com>

> I note that you agree it makes no sense to use on pre-paid basis, but guess
> what? Over 95% of mobile services subscribers are on pre-paid tariffs hence
> my calculations are more real than unlikely. May its the whole idea...
> Consider this below story (and expect similar shocks will befall many
> locally :-( I note your "disclaimer" part of the thread "..but get the info
> confirmed for yourself" :)
> -
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