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With our  experience, we should be able to submit quite a number of 
proposals for this conference.


Please forward to your partners the information about this
Johannesburg, South Africa, conference, Mobile Active 08, supported
by IDRC.  The deadline for applications is June 30, 2008.

mobile active 08 is recruiting a whole cross-cut of themes including:

Session Examples

Following is is a preliminary list of session ideas.  Detailed
sessions and plenary speakers will be posted here in the next few
weeks.  Please consider contributing your expertise by proposing a
session you would like to lead.

   * Cultural uses of mobiles influencing work for social impact in
developing countries
   * Women and Mobiles - A Path to Voice and Empowerment?
   * Mobile Phone Security and Privacy for Practitioners
   * Mobile Access in Rural Areas and Implications for NGO
   * Fundraising and Mobile Phones - What's possible around the
   * Assessing the Uses of Mobile Phones to Plan Projects and
   * Needs Assessments for Mobiles in NGO Projects - Field Research
and Assessment Tools
   * Relevant Research for the Field and NGOs - What works, what do
we know?
   * Information and Education Via Mobile Phones - Case Studies in
Health, Education and Economic Development
   * Linux on the Handset and Implications for Civil Society
   * Entrepreneurial models for social enterprises in mobile
   * Integrating Mobile Phones into Your Organizations - Strategy
and Data
   * Mobile Phones in Humanitarian Relief - Tools and Strategies
   * The Mobile Web in Developing Countries
   * Social Application Development for Mobiles
   * Technical Sessions / Mobile Applications
   * Research Findindings in Using Mobiles in Health, Citizen
Engagement/Advocacy, Grassroots Media, and Economic Empowerment
   * Citizen Media
         o Strategies for Mobile Phones in Citizen Media
         o Security for Citizen Journalists
         o Tools and Tips for Mobile Citizen Media
   * Participation and Advocacy
         o SMS Campaign Strategies
         o SMS Campaign Tools - A Strategic Comparison
         o Election Monitoring and Getting Out the Vote with Mobile
Phones - Cases from the Field
         o M-Transparency - Mobiles in Government Accountability and
   * Health
         o Collecting medical data via mobile
         o Mobile patient monitoring and treatment compliance
         o Mobile Phones in Aids Advocacy and Services
         o SMS Infolines for Health
         o Open MRS and Open Rosa Working Meetings
   * Economic Empowerment
         o Mobile Phones in Economic Development - Lessons to Date
         o Remittances and Mobile Payments - Potential for NGOs and
Civil Society
         o An Overview of Mobile Payments - Key Issues

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