[kictanet] Civil Society Roles (activities, motives & challenges) Day 4 of 10

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Thu May 22 11:54:43 EAT 2008

Thanx Jose and Louis, we are actually on Day 4 but I got 
caught up in my 'real-life' duties ;-).

Anyway it is instructive to note that most of the Civil
Society chaps have suddenly gone quiet - IDRC, AeRC,
KICTAnet, FOSSFA amongst others.  I hope it wont set a bad
precedent for the Private sector tomorrow...

Let's hear more on that above please.

--- "Othieno, Louis" <LOthieno at ke.peacecorps.gov> wrote:

> Hi all
> Every year the ICT programme at the U.S.Peace Corps
> receives and assigns about 8 American ICT professionals
> to work for up to 2 years on Voluntary basis with ICT
> ventures across Kenya. Their skills vary. Some are
> trained and experienced in hardware maintenance and
> networking, while others are programmers and experienced
> in setting up huge and complex databases. Some are
> involved in teaching basic ICT skills while others are
> computer graphics designers and web-developers and
> programmers -including establishment of e-commerce
> enabled websites for small businesses and co-operatives.
> A number have worked on programming in wireless
> environments -to take advantage of the wide cellphone
> coverage in Kenya
> Computers for Schools - earlier mentioned, is one of the
> Peace Corps clients. Others are Land O Lakes -which is
> currently beta-testing a program known as co-op works
> created with assistance from FAO. Co-op works is an ICT
> platform that integrates all aspects of running a dairy
> co-operative, and with minor modifications will work for
> other kinds of co-operatives as well. Peace Corps
> Volunteers were involved in programming the software for
> drumnet - also earlier mentioned. Peace Corps Volunteers
> were assigned to support a pilot effort in Western Kenya
> to bring Internet Connectivity wirelessly to 20 schools
> within a 15 km radius using refurbished satellite
> equipment from Eastern Europe, and then deliver
> interactive education content through this means
> The Peace Corps does not directly advance its own ICT
> agenda. Rather it supports efforts to make ICTs more
> relevant and impactful upon the lives of rural
> populations - especially low income segments of this
> population - whether the impact is long-term (as in
> education) or short term e.g. an e-commerce enabled
> website for Malindi Handicrafts co-operative society.
> Volunteers also share their ideas about opportunities to
> deploy ICT for the benefit of poor rural populations in
> the hope that some local institution might get interested
> and "sponsor" the prototyping and testing of the idea
> Cheers all
> Louis
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> Greetings Walu and all, 
> It happens that am in the workshop with Mr.Hare. 
> Kimathi Information Centre based in Kamukunji
> constituency and its offices in Kimathi Estate;
> 1)Uses computers as a tool in catalyzing Macro n Micro
> businesses to get skills on how to use office based
> programs.
>  2)Offer trainings/workshops for Ideas,Macro & Micro
> enterprise on how to write business plans,letters and
> business etiquette.(August trainings registration open.We
> are in partnership with University of British Columbia).
>  3)We provide convenience to the community inhabitants in
> offering Internet based services as its main
> sustainability model. 
> 1) Convincing the stakeholders to fund initiatives
> e.g,Workshops/Symposiums. 
> 2) Poor Internet connectivity.Unfortunately its our
> sustainability model.
> 3)Capacity building on training staff on changing trends
> in the ICT field.However its important to note that this
> issue is being addressed by stakeholders like Kictanet
>  Regards, 
> José. 
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