[kictanet] KCCT, BPO training, Board Member? Conflict of interest inevitable

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Thu May 8 14:45:42 EAT 2008

On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Kanja Waruru <kanjawaruru at yahoo.com> wrote:

> reading most of your comments I'm left feeling that
> having a 'conflict of interest' is a crime.
> surely we have all been in situations where we have
> had to declare our conflict of interest without
> necessarily resigning from the board/company etc.
> why don't we explore the other more accommodating
> options of dealing with this issue rather than just
> resigning and that's because some of the people we
> loose as a result may be hard to replace and the board
> is the ultimate loser.
> kanja
Hello Mr. Kanja,

Is Kenya really in such a situation as regards talent, as to warrant the
accommodation of individuals even when it's obvious there  will be conflict
of interest??
If they don't resign, impartiality suffers so they must do the right and
honorable thing. If we don't do that, we end up encouraging the same
attitude where noone wants to take responsibility for messes occurring under
their watch. The recent fiasco at  KNEC comes to mind.
We must encourage/nurture the culture where people come clean on everything
they do, and not accommodated just because they are hard to replace (which
is an assumption you made, I believe).

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