[kictanet] Leading technologist from Africa joinsInternet Society staff

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Allow me to also congraturate you for your new appointment.  It is another great honour to our beloved Kenya.  I am confident that you will not let us down.  Mungu akubariki.


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Hi Ndegwa, Walu, et al.

MediaSpeak Africa wrote:
> That's true Walu. Something is totally messed up with our domestics! These
> are guys who we desperately need to run the show here. Congrats Michuki
> lakini and please remember to come back home!

Thank you for your support. Its worth mentioning that i will be based in 
Nairobi just like Mucheru, Alice, Njeri and many others will do in the 

While i cannot speak for them, i believe that i have a role to play in 
my community (charity always begins at home) and i believe Mucheru, 
Njeri, et al may share similar sentiments. As a result we have retained 
our local involvement Kictanet, skunkworks, kixp, et al.

Reverse the negative thought and think how we can work with the 
community in our capacities to improve on our issues. That will be more 
constructive in my opinion. Issues are everywhere developed or otherwise.

For instance Brian's email on how ISOC Edu can work with Kenya is what 
am talking about. Am also available to speak at Kictanet forums.

Best regards,


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