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Vincent Ngundi vincent at kenic.or.ke
Thu Dec 20 16:06:48 EAT 2007

This makes an interesting reading. I guess the way forward is to  
setup an IPv6 task force to chart the way forward for Kenya.

KENIC, in conjunction with AfriNIC, is planning to host an IPv6  
workshop in June 2008. Our target is to train 150 engineers on IPv6  
deployment. We shall announce registration for the same in due course.



>> [Daily Nation]
>> Horizons Magazine
>> 20 December, 2007
>> INTERNET: Connectivity capacity nears exhaustion
>> The country must upgrade to a new  platform before current  
>> capacity is
>> exhausted
>>       In about two year time, aspiring internet users will be unable
>> to get connected or publish new websites.
>>       Further it will not be possible to new cyber cafes, let alone
>> the many government-fronted digital villages targeting rural areas
>> throughout the country. Critical Internet addresses that uniquely
>> identify users and resolves the location where a website is  
>> located on
>> the internet will be exhausted, worldwide.
>>       According to the chairman of ICT Consumers Association of  
>> Kenya,
>> Alex Gakuru, "The country will have depleted capacity for new  
>> internet
>> connectivity unless internet infrastructure are upgraded to what is
>> called Internet Protocol version six (or IPv6) because the world's
>> current IPv4 will be exhausted."
>>       It will be too expensive, he says, and chaotic for the country
>> to continue using the current IPv4 and the Government needs to  
>> address
>> this problem urgently. "ISPs only need to upgrade their systems at no
>> cost to consumers  assuring room for more expression, choice, and
>> opportunity. Consumers should not be charged because ISP equipment
>> only need reconfiguration since most are already IPv6 compliant
>> anyway."
>>       The ICAK chairman notes that the issue has been given the
>> publicity and priority it deserves, yet it will be too expensive for
>> the country to continue using IPv4 designed for the1977 Internet and
>> acknowledges the Kenya Network Information Centre-KeNIC's leadership
>> is best suited to ensure the smoothest transition to IPv6.
>>       Gakuru observes that with the worldwide increased connection of
>> internet-enabled mobile devices, such as GSM and WiFi phones more
>> hosts are making inroads into the internet each requiring an IP
>> address in order to connect and thereby causing a faster depletion of
>> IP addresses.
>>       An IP address is a unique number address that every computing
>> device connected to the internet is assigned. IP addresses are  
>> used to
>> route traffic on the internet and can be seen as the backbone of the
>> internet.
>>       He explained that " the current IPv4 system can accommodate up
>> to for billion IP addresses but with the current world population at
>> six billion, then the internet cannot be for everyone. He says this
>> upgrade should be prioritised.
>> --ends---

KeNIC - The Kenya Network Information Center

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