[kictanet] Kenya's Peculiar Business Environment

badru Ntege ntegeb at one2net.co.ug
Tue Dec 4 09:57:31 EAT 2007

Bill Kagai wrote:
>> So the lawyer's reason must have been genuine, not a pretext.
>> I've seen some calculations on the amounts the country loses as a
>> result of the traffic jams.
>> The figure, per year, was more than the 2bn taxman is chasing!
> Blimey....Man..r u serious??!!! For a 2 billion brief..I would stay at
> Intercontinental 2 nights in advance if traffic were to mess me up!!!
> This joke has to stop. Its killing me.
 Man i have very little trust in lawyers though in my darkest moment i 
know they might be the only rescue.  However one could have another look 
at the situation in that the gains for one party were obviuosly 
understandable 2 Billion and all the other party had to do was not turn 
up.  Could there have been some agreement ??  What time did the lawyer 
set off for court ??  How long has he been doing that journey ?? was 
there something unusual that morning that the traffic was too much ???   
In these days of ICT did the lawyer call ahead and inform court of his 
problem ??  If he so did why was the case still thrown out ??

I'm sorry i just think this is too obvious that if we just let it be we 
allow ourselves as Africans to be ridiculed for corruption and 
incompetence.  No lawyer is that dump or are they ???  Or do they think 
we are all too dump and stupid that we let it go.  Guys I'm sorry but i 
smell a FAT ROTTEN RAT.   I don't buy the traffic storry pull the other 
one matey.

My 2 cents

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