[kictanet] 3rd Global Knowledge Conference (GK3) Malaysia 11-13 December 2007

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Dear all

The 3^rd Global Knowledge Conference brings together

"visionaries, innovators, practitioners and policy makers, all geared to 
sharing knowledge and building partnerships on a platform created by and 
for stakeholders from every sector - private companies, governments, 
international institutions and civil society groups" 

The GK3 sessions will address the convergence of emerging people, 
markets and technologies and will  provide a space for debate, 
showcasing of innovative concrete solutions and knowledge sharing; 
discussion on latest lessons, effective methods and approaches.

The theme «Emerging People, Emerging Markets, and Emerging Technologies» 
relates well to  what Kenya is currently experiencing. We are considered 
a pioneer in many ways from our private sector activity, MSP ICT policy 
processes, liberalisation of the ICT sector, etc. Read article from 
Balancing act titled “Africa’s competition laboratory Kenya is the one 
to watch”  .

Some of us will attend and share some of these experiences...

-Kimathi Centre presenting during the Young social entrepreneur’s 
sessions from Tuesday 11th
-Hello regulator session on Thursday 13th 14.00-15.30

Other Kenyans attending and presenting?

For the full GK3 programme see: 


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Subject: 	Generate ideas to create a world of entrepreneurs!
Date: 	Sat, 1 Dec 2007 14:25:06 +0800 (GMT+08:00)
From: 	GK3 Registration <gk3 at gkps.org.my>
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Dear Alice,
Global Knowledge Partnership and BrainStore are collaborating in running a live IdeaProduction process at the GKP Event on the Future, Third Global Knowledge Conference (GK3) from 11 to 13 December 2007 on the topic of «A world of entrepreneurs - 20 ideas to make it happen by 2020».

As a GK3 conference participant, you have a range of opportunities to contribute actively to the process.
The first part of the IdeaProduction process has already started where inputs are gathered to fill up our IdeaPot with a great number of inspirations on the topic.

Your participation is key!

Your insight on «Emerging People, Emerging Markets, and Emerging Technologies» is a valuable knowledge resource and your experience and reflections can serve as a great foundation for developing fresh initiatives and approaches in addressing the topic.

We invite you to share your perspective today by participating in an online IdeaInterview. Please login at http://www.GKPEventsOnTheFuture.org/GK3registration and complete a short questionnaire by Tuesday, 4 December 2007. 
On 12 December at the GK3 IdeaFactory - Creative City Exhibition, your contribution will be presented anonymously together with results drawn from other sources.
On 13 December at the GK3 Closing Plenary, you will have an opportunity to provide final input by helping to select THE 20 ideas that will create a world of entrepreneurs by 2020.

Thank you in advance for your time.
See you at GK3!
Your IdeaFactory team

Quick Links: 
Conference Navigator: http://www.GKPEventsOnTheFuture.org/navigator
Full Programme: http://www.GKPEventsOnTheFuture.org/GK3programme
Speakers: http://www.GKPEventsOnTheFuture.org/GK3speakers
Register: http://www.GKPEventsOnTheFuture.org/GK3registration
Announcements by RSS: http://www.gkpcms.com/GK3/rss/GK3Announcements.xml

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