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Some news from the IGF Advisory Group meeting in Geneva:

The 30 Oct. - 2 Nov. 2006 inaugural meeting of Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens will have a lot of opportunities for discussions on a wide variety of Internet governance topics.  This is my call for participation from civil society for contributions to help shape this meeting in a positive way.

The four main themes for the Athens meeting are:
    - Free flow of information, ideas, and access to knowledge
    - Building trust online
    - Protecting users from spam, phishing, viruses
    - Maintain security while protecting privacy

  -  Multilingualism including IDN and promoting local content
  -  Respecting geographical diversity

* 4.  ACCESS*
  - Internet connectivity, policies and costs

The agenda and schedule is shaping-up as follows:

A call for papers has been issued on these 4 main themes and I'd like to encourage people to make submissions.  *THE PLENARY SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS AT THE ATHENS MEETING WILL BE BASED ON THE CONTENT OF THESE SUBMISSIONS. *  So, please, contribute to this process and help to shape this meeting in a positive way by submitting papers to the IGF.   The deadline is 15 July 2006 for your submission to influence how the event
is programmed.

Here are the details:  http://www.intgovforum.org/athens_outline.htm

Additionally, there are two over-arching themes that should be taken in consideration in each issue that the IGF discusses: (i) development / capacity building, and (ii) civil liberties / human rights.

I would suggest contributions on some possible (in no way exhaustive) sub-issues within these 4 main themes of openness, security, diversity, and access:

- Freedom of expression rights
- Free flow of information
- Access to knowledge
- Impact of intellectual property rights to free expression and free flow of info
- Promotion of accessible public domain
- Government censorship on Internet
- Corporate censorship on Internet
- Impact of technological protection measures and anti-circumvention laws on free flow of information
- Impact of software patents on freedom of expression

2.  SECURITY - building trust online, protecting users from spam, phishing, viruses, maintain security while protecting privacy:
- Civil liberties concerns from government surveillance programs
- Privacy rights and consumer trust of Internet
- Role of free and open source software in promoting information security
- Impact on freedom of expression from spam and content filtering
- Publication of WHOIS database on Internet and privacy and consumer trust

3.  DIVERSITY -  multilinguism through IDN, local content, and geographical diversity:
- Ability of ICANN to meet needs of international Internet community
- Role of Creative Commons licenses to promote local content
- Ability of non-proprietary development and licensing schemes to meet
local needs

4.  ACCESS - Internet connectivity, policies and costs:
- Open standards
- Interoperability of technology
- Role of free and open source software to provide access

I hope you will consider making a contribution to this dialogue.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Be sure to check out the IGF website for many more details: http://www.intgovforum.org/index.htm

Thank you,

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