Alfelt Abio enigma at nameplanet.com
Tue May 9 15:57:12 EAT 2006

Hi everyone,

I am looking for young professionals to work in our Regional office in Rwanda from July 2006 and probably later come back to work in our Nairobi offices.
Age:  Not above 32 Years
Educ:  Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and 3 years of experience
Profesional Exp:  MCSE, MCP and MCT 
Will need an MVP at a later stage since we currently have one.

Please contact me or direct candidates you know to me but would prefer email.  Thanks.

Alfelt M. Abio-Gunda
Managing Director
Electronic Company (E-tools) Kenya
P.O. Box 39790-00623 
Nairobi - Kenya                                                    
Tel/Fax:  +254-202700647
Mbl:  +254-733604740 
Website:  http://www.e-tools.com


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