[Kictanet] New Strategies for MSP in Kenya

Wainaina Mungai wainaina.mungai at oneworld.net
Thu Sep 29 10:31:29 EAT 2005

Here’s a clarification from someone else in the fraternity. It may
guide our discussion on what is the real issue.


Kenya is coming from situation where communication services have been
provided by a monopoly - consequently most of the MSP including the
civil society were involved with lobbying the Government to
liberalize the telecommunication sector.

Here is the transition: Liberalization has now happened!

The next phase is to ensure the protection of consumers in a
competitive environment.

I therefore feel that MSP need to change strategies. Firstly there
are no active communication consumer lobby groups in Kenya...this I
believe could constitute the new role for civil society! Secondly,
MSP should be lobbying relevant organisation to reduce communication
costs, this would include telecommunication operators, service
providers and government agencies.


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