[Kictanet] Kenya National Assembly: http://www.parliament.go.ke/

John Walubengo jwalubengo at kcct.ac.ke
Thu Sep 8 08:05:21 EAT 2005


Check out the above site.  

A classic case of what Bush calls 'A Clash of Civilisation'.

Background: For those outside Kenya who may not be upto speed with what happened.

The Kenyan Parliament website was launched with much pomp and celebration 1week ago.  But 48 hours later, it was administratively shutdown after several MPs expressed reservation regarding why their details - particularly academic- should be displayed.

The shutdown is apparently occassioned to enable the webmaster collect more accurate information regarding the MPs.  It remains to be seen if, and when the site comes up, those MPs who allegedly achieved primary level education, will have completed their degree level of education...

I big clap for the IT Team at Kenya National Assembly(KNA) for having attempted to bring transparency and accountability through ICTs at KNA.  Keep up the good fight.


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