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Dorcas Muthoni dmuthoni at kenet.or.ke
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Dear All,

We were not aware of the Strathmore event.

Actually, i have just visited 
http://www.strathmore.edu/events/upcoming/itconference.html, and i think 
the focus of the two events is relatively different.

However, we look forward to the success of the two events.

Thanks and regards,
Dorcas Muthoni

alice at apc.org wrote:

> Hi Dorcas
> Were you aware of the Strathmore do?
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>> Wow! This is a direct clash with Strathmore University's Annual ICT 
>> Conference. Or is there compe? Campuses should have better coordination
>> Brian
>> On 2 Sep 2005, at 16:44, Dorcas Muthoni wrote:
>>> On September 10, 2005 starting 9.30 a.m, members of LinuxChix  
>>> Africa (www.africalinuxchix.org) who live in Kenya will to hold a  
>>> Career Workshop for High School girls to encourage them to pursue  
>>> careers in Computing.
>>> We believe that computing as a whole and Free and Open Source 
>>> Software(FOSS) in particular, can play a significant role in  
>>> empowering women. The copyleft nature of FOSS helps programmers to  
>>> learn from programs or modify them so that they build on the  
>>> innovations of others rather than re-invent the wheel: Great  
>>> achievements can only be made by standing on the shoulders of giants.
>>> However, IT innovations and the opportunities are ineffectual if  
>>> people are un-aware of them. The lack of awareness goes a long way  
>>> in explaining the notable dearth of women in the IT industry in  
>>> Kenya. A situation, that exists inspite of the fact that they  
>>> achieve as well as the boys in pre-university examinations. Due to  
>>> lack of access to information about the opportunities in the ICT  
>>> field, girls who do well in their O-Levels often opt for other  
>>> disciplines. The purpose of this workshop is to provide them with  
>>> information on computing and also answer their questions regarding  
>>> computing as a career.
>>> The team is composed of former and current Computer Science  
>>> students and other players in the computing industry. Keynote  
>>> speakers will comprise luminaries from various IT displines. We  
>>> shall have women system administrators, system analysts,  
>>> developers, academics, entreprenuers, CTOs and other computer  
>>> scientists. The focus on women keynote speakers is a deliberate  
>>> move that aimed at demonstrating success in the IT industry is not  
>>> impeded by one's gender. It is hoped that the speakers will inspire  
>>> and serve as role models to the girls.
>>> We expect up to 450 students to attend. The event will be held at  
>>> the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Jubilee Hall Auditorium  
>>> in collaboration with their Computer Science Department.
>>> Although this event is in commemoration of the Software Freedom  
>>> Day, the team intends to build on the gains of the day by setting  
>>> up Linuxchix Africa affliated clubs in the schools in order spread  
>>> the spirit of opensisterhood in computing.
>>> In the afternoon starting *2.00 p.m*, we shall have discussion  
>>> tables where industry players can freely interact with the students  
>>> in order to share their experiences and inspirations. All are welcome.
>>> We shall distribute CDs and leaflets to the girls which they will  
>>> be able to carry and share with others.
>>> This event will happen with support from Catholic University of  
>>> Eastern Africa, KENIC, KICTANET and CATIA. We applaud them for  
>>> their kindness.
>>> Thanks and regards,
>>> Dorcas Muthoni
>>> Team Leader
>>> Cofounder LinuxChix Africa
>>> <dmuthoni.vcf>
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